Convenience of using the iPhone find my friend’s feature

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The find my friend’s app is gaining popularity. The app can help you to find friends whether they contact you or not. No more waiting around for friends to text you and see what has been going on. However, people love it there are still a few downsides to it like hackers can get into the find my friend app and be able to find your location without your permission. Find my friends can be a bad option if your phone falls into the wrong hands. Whether or not you have the find my friends app you need to ensure that you have anti-theft measures installed on your phone. There are plenty of options to suit everyone’s need with free options and even better-paid versions that offer more support and features.

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This app works well for finding friends and it can be fun to locate where family and friends are through the GPS alert system. You just send them a request for them to add you on the app and then once it has been accepted you are given access to their location.

There are people who are concerned with the privacy concerns when it comes to the app but there are privacy controls on the app that can help. If you are at a surprise party or meeting with someone important and you don’t want to be disturbed, you can mute people from finding you so they cannot see you on the app. It is a safe way to find your friends and family especially if you have not heard from a friend in a while and you have concerns for their welfare you can check the app and see where they are.
If you have a teenager that is going to a party but you are worried the whole time you can monitor their moves on the app so if they go to another location you can easily find them. Had too much to drink? Friends and family can find your location if you are having trouble remembering where you are.

A downside to the app is the fact that you need to pay money to use the app. There is a small one-time fee to download the app at 0.99 cents. Find my friends doesn’t have a big world like Facebook and Twitter as people are deterred away when they have to pay a fee.
The other negative part to the app is you could end up getting requests from people who you don’t know and ones that you don’t want to have access to your location. This isn’t too much of a deal as you just only accept those you know but it can be a hassle to keep rejecting access to those you don’t know. Be careful letting children use this app as it can lead you open to strangers finding you and personal information being given out. This could potentially create helpful SOS alerts in your GPS system that could let you know if you’re being tracked or not, but it most cases the user is oblivious to such changes and alerts. Ensure you think about the pros and cons and the best way to use the app safely before downloading it.

It can be useful and fun to use as long as you are doing it safely and have anti-theft motions put in place so if your phone is stolen they cannot access the fid my friends ap where they may be able to find other people’s location that you have on your list.