Coloured Contact Lenses To Try Next

Coloured contact lenses were first proposed by Johnson & Johnson in the United States to help people with eyesight problems. The trend of coloured contact lenses was predominantly set by the fashion industry and today no party wear look is complete wearing one. If you’ve never tried a coloured contact lens, or are bored with your usual coloured ones, here is an article where we introduce you to a list of some trendy coloured lenses you can try next.


A Natural Hued colour

The natural hue-coloured contact lens is easy to adapt to and can brighten up the pupil’s natural colour. This is the perfect lens to match your office wear since it’s not too fancy and looks natural. Hence, these hue-coloured contact lenses are perfect when you don’t want to take big risks and experiment but rather stick to basics.


Inner Double Colour Tone

coloured eye lensesThis coloured contact lens provides a dual colour tone. The inside is a darker shade with a lighter shade on the outside. This coloured lens gives an ombre effect to your eyes, almost giving an appeal to bigger eyes. They give away a regal look to the wearer and make you look attractive and exotic. Depending on one’s skin tone, the wearer should choose the combinations accordingly. So, combination shades like brown and blue, orange and blue, orange and green, and more work really well together.


Pink Glitter Effect

The pink glitter effect will bring a romantic and soft temperament to your overall look. At first, these pink glitter lenses were used in the filming of movies, especially Asian movies. These coloured contact lenses have a rendering effect and hence are always a popular choice for girls who love to wear makeup.


Gray Effect

The effect of grey contacts is more special, giving the blurry and melancholy look. Grey contacts are more suitable for fairer skin tones. Grey contacts are also suitable for boys.

With the seemingly magical contact lenses of various colours, if matched with the right makeup, the overall look will be more colourful and appealing. No matter which colour contact lens you choose, make sure it complements your skin tone because a mismatched contact lens can make you look unpleasant or plastic.


How To Choose Coloured Lens based on Your Skin Tone?

  • Fair-skinned people are more suitable to wear purple-coloured contact lenses. Purple colour films such as bright purple, honey purple, jelly purple, and other purples and blues are all good choices.
  • People with yellowish skin or almond skin are more suitable to wear green contact lenses, which makes people look lively and clear. Green colour films such as water condensed emerald green, honey green, jelly green, Barbie love dream green, and other greens are very suitable and fashionable combinations for such skin tones.
  • People with medium tone skin like Asians skin tones are more suitable to wear brown coloured contact lenses. Brown contact lenses such as Dewdrop Brown, Hydrogel Coffee, Chocolate, Eye Brown, Big Eye Brown, and other browns are some top choices for suck skin tones.


Coloured contact lenses are generally divided into three types, Silicone Hydrogel, Hydrogel, and Non-ionic. Each material has different characteristics.

People can choose different materials of the lenses according to their eye type and any eye condition. For instance, people that suffer from dry eyes so should go for Hydrogel lenses with some water content.

Change your look and experiment with different styles and colours and see what you like best. You never know your least liked contact lenses might be the one that everyone thinks suits you the most.