What We Learned From Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

basketball flying into hoop

Kobe Bryant, one of the most successful basketball players ever, continues to live in the heart of basketball lovers. Kobe Bryant won 2 Olympic gold medals and 5 NBA championships during his basketball career. He left his fans in sorrow when the news of his death became a shock headline on Sunday, 26 January 2020. 

He died in Los Angeles in a helicopter crash with his 13-year-old daughter and many others. It was shocking news for all basketball lovers all over the world. Kobe Bryant ‘the NBA legend’ was only 41 years old when he died. However, his legacy lives on, both his personal and professional life is full of successes and achievements. 

The way he spent his time in his different aspects of life have several important lessons for us all. There is so much to learn from Kobe Bryant and the ways he lived his life. Let’s examine some of the important life lessons we can take from Kobe Bryant’s legacy.

Relentless work ethics

black man standing with basketball looking at hoopKobe Bryant once claimed that he has nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. He says that great things come from hard work and perseverance, not excuses. 

This is something we have truly learned from Kobe Bryant as he is famous for relentless work ethics. He hated making excuses and never wanted to get defeated by the opponents; therefore, he always worked to achieve his goals and put his extra effort into everything he did. The best example of the relentless work ethic of his life is when his shoulder was injured and had a 102-degree fever, but continued to play basketball regardless. 

Focus on long-term goals 

Kobe Bryant always focused and believed in long term goals; this was one of the main mentalities that helped him achieve his goals and success in his life. Have you ever thought about the 20-year career of Kobe Bryant with a single team (The Lakers) and stayed a part of that team without interruption? 

This is because he believed in team loyalty and knows that success could only be gained by focusing on long term goals, which helped him to make unmatched NBA records playing with the same team. Kobe, single-handedly, is one of the big reasons why The Lakers are such a high-performance team. That is why Magic Johnson gave him the title of the greatest Laker of all time. 

Obsessed with excellence

Kobe Bryant is utterly obsessed with excellence and how people achieve success. This is the reason we always saw him asking questions to other successful people to know how they manage, and what it took for them to achieve their goals. This way, Kobe develops an understanding of the way others work and set goals that could help him explore a better version of himself. 

What this shows is that no matter who you are or what status you have, you should always keep learning from the people who are better than you. It helps a person grasp where they stand and what they can do to be more successful. 

Part of what makes Kobe so great is that he doesn’t believe in perfection but strives for it anyway. He understands that he will never be perfect and there will always be a vulnerability in leadership, but he works hard to overcome them.

Just be yourself 

Kobe Bryant had the experience of working with endorsements and successful companies. In an interview, he was asked to give marketing advice to the business people and companies considering his experience with them. 

In reply to the question, Kobe Bryant told them ‘just be yourself.’ We have learned from him to be who you are and do not pretend to be anyone else because, in this way, you will never be able to make your identity.  Kobe would much prefer if fans wore a custom basketball jersey with their own name, number, and colours, as opposed to wearing his jersey.

Drive your dream into reality 

Kobe Bryant spent his whole life achieving his goals and making his dreams a reality. His life is a lesson for us, proving how a person can mould their dreams into reality. One should never give up on their dream, as Kobe Bryant once said, “I never gave up on my dream.”