Why You Should Customise Interior Sliding Doors?

interior sliding doors

Organised Interiors can design sliding doors with many different panel options and inlays to compliment your decor and be the right size for your space.


We strive to provide a superior selection of fully custom sliding door solutions to perfectly fit every space and interior dimension, regardless of application or difficulty. One of our Organised Interiors Design Consultants can walk you through the vast array of interior sliding doors, and solutions for closets that we offer, offer design suggestions and answer any questions you may have. If your current closet doors are dated, or if you are looking to benefit from any other ways that sliding closet doors can enhance your home, please take just a few seconds to request a complimentary, in-home consultation with us.


We will tailor a sliding door solution for your closets that makes the most of your space and storage needs for an affordable price without any quality trade-offs. So whether you want frosted glass sliding door closets, mirror sliding closet doors, or custom-sized cabinet doors, you have come to the right place.


You can even create adequate, clutter-free storage spaces with sliding doors. Sliding doorways for closets can also serve as room dividers to divide up space within the house to maintain privacy. When used internally for the storage closet or pantry, sliding doors can be an excellent design feature that saves space.


You can also pull double-pocket doors closed anytime you want a more intimate party or you want a little extra privacy in an area of your home. Double pocket doors can open fully between spaces like this, creating one seamless openness and making it more like a single ample space instead of two divided spaces. Older homes and homes with smaller indoor footprints will frequently utilise pocket doors to save space and remove the need for clearance to swing a door.


custom sliding doorsBecause pocket doors must be slid into a wall cavity along tracks, pocket doors are typically thinner than conventional hinged doors to allow for space for sliding without expanding the width of an interior wall. As a result, pocket doors can save, on average, ten square feet per door in a house compared to the amount of space required by hinged doors, giving homeowners greater freedom with design choices and extra floor space to work with for their designs. In addition, because pocket doors open in a wall cavity, they save space, eliminating the clearance needed by a hinged door to swing open.


Single-port and double-port options typically swing open to the room, taking space away, so be sure to leave plenty of space to fit a doorway if you decide on that option. Custom Sliding doors can also make a room divider, limiting foot traffic while providing visual privacy. Slide-screen doors are great for the summer, allowing cool breezes in but keeping bugs out and a bit of heat.


They are sturdy, but you will want to take them down and store them until the start of winter. Slide-in glass doors are eco-friendly, cost-effective, easy to clean and maintain, offer excellent performance, and immediately transform the house’s exterior.


Not only do sliding doors for closets make using the space in the closet simple and easy, but sliding doors maximise the space by taking advantage of our custom, attractive designs. Combine the space-containment downsides of hinged cabinets with the fact that sliding door solutions are more cost-effective and easier to adjust, and the benefits of choosing a sliding door cabinet are apparent.


Or, you can go higher in your design ambitions and opt for a custom-made sliding door (also known as a bypass door) for your home. Slide-in closet doors added as part of a closet renovation (or as an individual home improvement) can make a closet space feel special and unique.

Every individualised detail, both large and small, will contribute to your home’s overall aesthetic. All of your door options, from a set of custom interior hinged French doors to a sliding set of custom interior barn doors, can be purchased with easy installation in mind. Custom wood interior doors can take on new stains and paints more than many off-the-shelf doors. Replacing your old door with a new, custom-built one can be a simple way to start your remodelling process. Custom sliding doors can be installed as an accessory to a stationary door or designed to open and glide in a pocket within a wall, allowing a nearly invisible installation.


A wall of sliding glass doors can visually connect your home with the outdoors when closed and opened. Homes that are darker or have fewer windows could greatly benefit from installing sliding glass doors. While sliding glass doors are still one of the best ways to bring natural lighting to a house, plenty of stable doors provide openness for natural lighting to come through, too.


The dimensions of sliding glass doors are also easily customisable based on your home’s particular needs. As a result, slide-glass doors provide seamless passage between rooms, providing immediate privacy when needed and seamless movement when you do not. In addition, you can create custom sliding doors that go wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, which means that there is no required unique construction to accommodate stock doors.