How To Get a Job In An Economic Crisis

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When an economic collapse happens, it  wreaks havoc across the whole business world. Even as things start to slow down, it seems that people need to tighten their ropes. Many businesses would struggle to navigate a crisis and end up laying off workers. Some might even put a halt to student internships. From there on it will just be a downward spiral.

But there are many jobs that have to go ahead despite tough times. If a virus spreads through the town, we may not need hairdressers and clothes shops, but we will need police offices, paramedics and truck drivers. If you work in an area that is not considered “essential”, you might want to consider studying for another job. That way you’ll have a better chance at staying employed once a crisis hits. 

Below I’ve listed the type of jobs that will still be in demand, in case we face flooding, a virus, fires, earthquakes or any other major crisis. Having one of the below jobs, or a qualification in these fields, will protect you in the workplace.

Remember that you can be a qualified truck driver, but still work as a hairdresser if you like. At least that way, when most of society gets shut down, you have another job to back you up.

  • Remote workfind a workplacement in a crisis

Any job that can be done remotely is a good one in case a crisis hits. And, as we’ve seen in the past few months, many more jobs that we previously thought can be done from home. These days you can even get remote internships and complete your work experience on an online basis. 

  • Paramedics

We will always need paramedics, no matter what is going on in the world. Whether it is a virus, an earthquake, fire or flooding – people are at risk and people are going to be injured. Even in an economic crisis, there is still going to be money paid for such emergency services.

  • Truck drivers

Even in an economic crisis, we still need truck drivers. We need to get goods from one point to another. The work might not be as busy, but there will be work there. If people are unable to go to the shops, then you might be busier than ever – with customers ordering online. Besides, things like medical supplies and food will still need to be transported no matter what is going on in the world.

  • Police officers

In a crisis, police officers are in high demand. Crime tends to spike during these times. The position is the same as a paramedic. Someone needs to save lives, and someone needs to be there to keep the population safe, including the government officials.

  • Famers

Farmers won’t go out of work as people still need to eat. Borders might close at certain times, but if there are farmers locally, then you can count on getting food supplies from the local farmers when there is an economical crisis. So farmers will generally be in high demand – even in the worst of circumstances. 

  • Utility workers

Utility workers are going to keep working as repairs will be needed. Meter repairs, burst water mains, power lines and telephone repair workers will still be needed.

  • Security guards

Security guards will be needed with an economic crisis as people will be trying to steal items or breaking the limit rules on items at shopping centres. If there is a shortage of certain items, fights will break out, and people will become aggressive. Security guards are needed to help control and monitor the situation.

  • Medical professionals

Whether we have a poor economy or not, people cannot go without medical care. There is still going to be a need for different doctors from specialists to surgeons and on-call doctors. While hours may get cut back, there will always be jobs there for nurses and doctors.

  • Teachers

Teachers have been around for decades, and they are not going anywhere, even in an economic crisis. Teachers may be impacted by budget cuts, which will limit the number of jobs available, but there will still be a need for them in society. If you are a qualified teacher, you may need to move to a more populated area to find work, but there will be work available.