How to Write the Perfect Job Advertisement

writing a job advertisement

When you see a newspaper advertisement or any pamphlet that says that they are hiring, do you ever give it a second look? There are a lot of things that you can do to get that second glance. There are a few things that you can keep in mind to make your advertisement for a job interesting, but the ones mentioned below are more relevant when it comes to online ads. Before you start writing – what is your business – established and going strong already, or a startup company with a cashflow sensitivity?

1. Be creative with the heading

Begin with something like – “what would you place your bid on – a handsome salary or a motivation to go to work?” this is something that someone would give a second thought. Because this isn’t clear enough to give someone a gist of what you are talking about but clever enough to make them curious. This is to grab anyone’s attention who happens to be looking at your advertisement. After all, that is always the best place to start with. 

2. Be clear

After pulling the little stunt at the top, mention in the very next line who you are looking for – fresher, veterans or anyone in between; what post are you talking about; and what is the salary that you can offer. Does that salary fit with the economy, as well as being above minimum wage? Find a way to make it as short as possible. Remember that the only reason there is a need to mention this is to get the relevant audience.

Rather than putting everything forward, ask questions. Ask what anyone is looking for so that people connect to the ad and this will also help them set goals.

For example – “are you looking for a workplace that makes you leave your home?” this starts a chain of thought in the person reading your ad, giving you the benefit of their doubt. 

job interview

3. What is in it for anyone?

In this section, tell people about your company. Tell them your story if the words you are getting allow it. Tell them what they will gain if they apply. And the most important, grab every opportunity to make people see all the plus points if they apply. You can use your location, transit availability, the crime rate of the locality and other activities that an employee can indulge in outside office hours (if you want to go beyond local applications.)

Instead of bragging about how much you have achieved, tell people how little you started with, and how the people working in your company have attributed to this growth. It always helps to show people that your company is because of its employees and it is not the other way around.

4. Go graphic

It is an excellent way to advertise when talking about online advertisements. You can use visuals like animation and pictures with a one or two-word description than being all bullets and list. We talk all the time about how visuals leave a better impact; why not try it for a change?

For example, if you are hiring for a civil engineer, you can use an animation that portrays the employee as the building block of every construction. So if they aren’t motivated enough, then it will shake the base of anything they do. You can end up asking your audience if they see themselves at the very core. 

In the traditional way of advertisements, that is through newspapers; you can keep in mind the above-stated points. You need to make your content as short as possible. So make sure that you use every word that relates to your business, and include everything that you want people to know about the job you are offering.

But the key to everything is to be creative.